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Customised Lighting

We specialize in Customization. We believe that the lights you choose should fit your space, and not the vice versa.

To start with customizing:

  1. Choose the style/ design that catches your eyes.
  2. Determine the size of the light required for your space.
  3. All our lights are made of quality materials, however, if you wish to change certain materials, we might be able to do that (e.g. a different type of crystal).
  4. Are you happy with the colour? If not, we have other colour options.
  5. Choose your favourite lighting colour temperature. We have it in cool, warm and yellow bulbs.
  6. Determine the height of the light – majority are adjustable.
  7. Order your customized light, and wait for it to arrive!

Also, if nothing in our catalogue catches your eyes, you can also come out with your own design, and we will build them according to your requests. It is full control and flexibility – you decide on the style, size, colour and material.

Or you can send us a photo of the one you desire and we will most probably be able to custom make it for you at great price and value.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and let your creativity flow~

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