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GN1351 Streamlined Circles Pendant Light


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On sale.

One of the most popular lights is on sale.

Exclusively Nordic modern and streamlined ring style pendant light is a perfect choice to fulfill you desire making the room complete different.

Not just for attracting the eyes of you friends and visitors, but also let your family feel warm and comfortable

whenever walking along the staircase,

chatting in the living room,

reading in the study room,

eating in dining room,

hugging and kissing your dear kids in the bedroom before they go to sleep.

Product Dimension (mm) Wattage (W) Price
GN1351-20 Dia200 12 $88.00
GN1351-30 Dia300 20 $99.00
GN1351-40 Dia400 24 $150.00
GN1351-50 Dia500 30 $199.00
GN1351-60 Dia600 36 $250.00
GN1351-70 Dia700 44 $299.00
GN1351-80 Dia800 50 $350.00
GN1351-100 Dia1000 56 $399.00
GN1351-120 Dia1200 68 $450.00
GN1351-150 Dia1500 95 $550.00
GN1351-40+20 Dia400+200 36 $298.00
GN1351-60+40 Dia600+400 55 $398.00
GN1351-80+60 Dia800+600 78 $498.00
GN1351-100+80 Dia1000+800 101 $598.00
GN1351-60+40+20 Dia600+400+200 67 $498.00
GN1351-80+60+40 Dia800+600+400 100 $598.00
GN1351-100+80+60 Dia1000+800+600 134 $798.00
GN1351-100+80+60+40 Dia1000+800+600+400 156 $898.00
GN1351-100+80+60+40+30 Dia1000+800+600+400+300 172 $998.00
GN1351-120+100+80+60+40+30 Dia1200+1000+800+600+400+300 250 $1098.00
GN1351-150+120+100+80+60+40 Dia1500+1200+1000+800+600+400 288 $1498.00


Now 50% off Sale for 3 circles pattern Dia1000+800+600 in October.

Please visit the showroom, where the display is waiting for you.

Thickness of the circles is 20mm.

Lead time: 8 weeks, if the stock is sold out.

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Dia1000+800+600+400+300mm, Dia1000+800+600+400mm, Dia1000+800+600mm, Dia1000+800mm, Dia1000mm, Dia1200+1000+800+600+400+300mm, Dia1200mm, Dia1500+1200+1000+800+600+400mm, Dia1500mm, Dia200mm, Dia200mm*3, Dia300mm, Dia400+200mm, Dia400mm, Dia500mm, Dia600+400+200mm, Dia600+400mm, Dia600mm, Dia700mm, Dia800+600+400mm, Dia800+600mm, Dia800mm


Black, Coffee, Gold, White


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